Child’s Play: Explore a multi-hued canvas in your child’s room

JUN 24, 2016 | By Nupur Ashok Sarvaiya
Left: Make a bold move and introduce a myriad of fluorescent colours for an enchanting getup.
Trends and Style Direction by Sonia Dutt, Photography by S Thiru, Styling by Jayati Jain
Right: For a less audacious look, simply accessorize the wall with a unique wallpaper.
Decorating a kids room is no walk in the park. The ideal scenario is to get an interior designer on board who not only understands your little one’s idea of a perfect room but also executes it to the T. But if you’re looking for a quick makeover, we suggest to chalk out small DIY projects with your child to reimagine their space that can be feasible as well as fun.
Layer botanical and animal printed platters and surfaces to chart out your child’s dream setup into reality. Embrace curious avatars of rainbow shades against vegetable, fruit or animal shaped knick knacks that are sure to be keepsakes forever.
For a more permanent setting, inundate the wall with abstract imagery that offers surrealism. We suggest experiment with Brit indie surface designer label Elli Popp’s unusual painted landscape surfaces with funky 3D effects from their Parallelworld collection, which was produced in collaboration with contemporary painter Kata Lips. Seen on the top right image is the mural “A Forest – Into the Trees”, which appears more vibrant under daylight, but changes colour, and hence mood, when exposed to UV light!