BV Doshi, icon of Indian architecture, edits our 17th anniversary issue

DEC 7, 2017 | By Prof BV Doshi
CLOCKWISE, FROM LEFT Get a signed copy from Prof BV Doshi, our 17th anniversary issue Guest Editor
Photography by Sneha Ullal Goel

A visionary, architect, teacher and philosopher, Prof BV Doshi has a captivating repertoire of anecdotes of people, places and experiences. On the occasion of his 90th birthday this year he shares heart-warming recollections peppered with history, wit and wisdom, and also his hopes for the future.Looking back I have come to believe that my life has been a rather unusual journey. A series of events coalesced like drops of water that gradually became a spring, then a river, and then joined many other rivers towards the oceans.There were times when the flow ebbed, even stopped, and those pauses gave rise to lakes, small and big. At other times there were floods that swelled above the banks, and the river was free to flow once again. My meanderings led me through a multitude of regions, climates and cultures, enriched by the wisdom of their wise men and traditions.And I gained insight and clarity about the world around me. I now know what it means when one says everything is interrelated…. All that one needs to understand is the differences in the scales and their spheres of impacts. In today’s life dominated by social media where all information needs to be reduced to small byte sized parcels, how would I describe my motto, my decision making process in a few lines?

Perhaps, “Break the rules; take risks; challenge yourself to increasing heights of excellence; be accessible to people from all walks of life,” could suffice. Sometimes I wonder if by reducing everything to short phrases we will lose our ability to see the larger picture.
As told to Sonal Shah, with additional inputs by our Executive Editor, Sneha Ullal Goel
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