Brew Story: Doppio Bar and brasserie tells the “travel tales” of a fictitious goat

MAY 20, 2016 | By with inputs from Aditi Sharma Maheshwari
Doppio, meaning double in Italian, is an expression used to order an extra shot of espresso. Rushabh Parekh, the interior designer on the project, was told that coffee was first brewed by a young Abyssinian goat herd and that’s where Gregory the Goat comes from –a fictional character whose “travel diaries” inspired the concept of the place.
The food and service
The place has an exhaustive bar menu with a range of coffee-based cocktails like The Smoked Espresso made with Talisker Scotch, espresso and black cardamom syrup, with smoked flavours. The menu is divided into soups and salads, small plates, large plates, and a small dessert section. One of the dishes that stand out is the Lobster Benedict, topped with poached eggs and yummy hollandaise, and the Lamb Bolognaise Papardelle comprising lamb mince mixed with pasta strips.
The interiors
Gregory Goat’s vast collection of books and the vintage souvenirs he collected during his travels lend a sense of history and culture to the space. The 2,500 sq ft bar and brasserie consists of two “private suites”, each designed to give a cosy living room vibe. Part bohemian, part vintage seating was placed over striped custom flooring in kadappa stone. The main artwork, inspired by Australian artist Loui Jover’s style was painted on paper and applied page by page on to the wall. The book, from which the sheets are taken is in fact 100 years old and was picked by Rushabh at an auction in Spain. All these elements contributed to the experience that he aimed to create.
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