Bobby Aggarwal of bespoke furniture studio- PortsideCafé takes us through a #StoreEvolution of the brand

JUL 11, 2019 | By Dhawal Bumb
CLOCKWISE, FROM LEFT Furniture by PortsideCafe

PortsideCafe’s journey as a brand has been a story that keeps developing and is ongoing. Their hunger for trying to find something newer and exciting—may it be by expanding their operations or by adding new furniture designs or even by mixing materials together, be it leather and wood or metal and leather to create a unique design—keeps them in a constant process of reinventing themselves. Their success is also evident from the fact that they have managed to set up their own factories where a ceaseless process of research, design and development breeds. This process has lead to the creation of a range of high-quality designs.

“We have grown serendipitously and there have been happy coincidences over the years. For instance, during a show in Italy, which was a total disaster, but by the end of the show a large furniture store came and picked up the whole stall! And we were in business,” says the brand’s founder and creative director, Bobby Aggarwal. The label’s growth has largely been organic as the founder always had a big picture in mind which led to their incredible growth to the present.

Their day to day functioning involves research and development and design decisions besides all activates related to production right from purchase, production planning, production, quality control, packaging and dispatches. With a constant influx of young talents from various design schools around the country, a new dimension and excitement have been added to the company and its work culture. What to look forward to? Bobby says, “Collaborations, I think that is the future. We are now open to collaborating with other creative entities or brands who would love to join forces with us and bring in new materials and sensibilities to PortsideCafe.”

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