Blending traditions with contemporary style in these stunning fabrics by Cottons & Satins

JUN 11, 2019 | By Dhawal Bumb
CLOCKWISE, FROM TOP LEFT Cottons and Satins - Ikat Collection; Cottons and Satins - Ikat Collection; Cottons and Satins - Ikat Collection; Cottons and Satins - Ikat Collection

Fusing a contemporary style with one of the oldest weaving techniques practised in the Asian Subcontinent, Cotton & Satins present their Ikat range. The collection is an ensemble of rich, colourful, designer fabrics that can be used to upholster large pieces of furniture or to make smaller statement pieces.

Primarily inspired by Ikat, the range also feature strokes of African influence because of the similarities in their design, characteristically the vivid and bold colours. This results in designs that are really bright with contrasting colours which can grab anyone’s attention as soon as they enter the room. Ikat is a mix of floral and geometrical patterns that work in tandem to showcase all that it has to offer as a design language.

Printing these inspired patterns instead of weaving them gives the breadth to experiment with more intricate designs and diverse colours to liven up your home. Cottons and Satins also offers a variety of other statement pieces like chairs, ottomans and cushions upholstered with the Ikat fabric, which present themselves as an exciting addition while lending a unique character to spaces.

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