Bijoy Jain’s Studio Mumbai collaborates with Maniera Gallery Brussels for a second showcase

MAY 30, 2019 | By Aman Mehta
CLOCKWISE, FROM TOP LEFT The collection is the result of an ongoing process of refinement and study in material, form and function; Photography by Jeroen Verrecht.
CLOCKWISE, FROM LEFT Photography by Jeroen Verrecht.

Studio Mumbai, established by the inimitable design mind of Bijoy Jain in 2005, has launched a second showcase in collaboration with Maniera gallery, Brussels.Known to commission architects and artists to develop furniture and objects for use, offering them an excursion beyond their usual practice, the gallery seems to be a perfect fit for the Indian architectural practice’s new furniture series.The collection, a result of an ongoing process of refinement and study in material, form and function, features a daybed, a console, a lamp, a bench, a folding screen and a series of chairs – all inspired by local resources and traditional Indian crafts.True to his established aesthetic, Jain shows a deep concern for the relationship between man and nature and insists on the importance of the genius loci. This is evident from the material used and the collaborative, explorative creative process implemented, tapping the expertise of local artisans, craftspeople and draftsmen. The act of making is embodied, both viscerally and physically, in the works.Studio Mumbai operates on the belief that the hand and the mind are of equal importance, and they have successfully developed a body of work that amalgamates tradition with modernity. Rudimentary materials like stone, brick and cowdung, and subtle ones like textile, glass and Japanese washi paper, have been moulded to create fascinating pieces that should be celebrated for their sophistication and refinement. Another fascinating aspect, a result of this unique process that Jain describes as ‘human infrastructure,’ is the use of natural pigments and lime to make fresco’s.The exhibition will be on display till the 24th of August at MANIERA (27 – 28, Place de la Justice 1000 Brussels)