Artist Bakula Nayak invites us into her vintage-inspired art show

AUG 24, 2018 | By Lamiyah Sultan
Photograph Courtesy Bakula Nayak. Intimate Strangers by Bakula Nayak .
 Fancy yourself a lover of fine art? You must stop by Bengaluru-based artist Bakula Nayak’s solo exhibition titled ‘Intimate Strangers’ in the capital this month. Hosted by Artisera, an online art store, the gallery showcases vintage ephemera on canvases – the essence of which revolves around the concept of love and romance. “Whether you lived in 1907 or in 2018, the way we love has stayed the same and this is the true expression of my paintings.” Says Bakula.The exhibition also focuses on seven unique people who have contributed to her collection of interesting timeless papers. A self-confessed romantic, Bakula was always fascinated with soulful love letters, photographs and has been collecting frayed bills, letters and century-old diaries that capture the intimacy of abandoned treasures.“These papers give us an insight of history and stories that are forgotten but not lost while enhancing intimacy in the digital age. ”Reading someone’s personal journal or a love letter connects you to them at a very emotional level.” She says.“I really hope visitors find an awakened sense of romance, beauty and take away the stories in these personal belongings.” She addsExhibition until: August 28Time: 11:00 am to 7:00 pmVenue: India International Centre Annexe, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi 110003