Aneeth Arora: EDIDA India 2016 Bathware joint winner

FEB 27, 2017 | By Aditi Sharma Maheshwari
Left: Kintsugi tile inspired by Japanese art of aesthetically mending broken pieces. Right: Telia Rumal collection with ikat patterns all presented on ceramic tiles by FCML. Left: Aneeth Arora of Pero. Right: The Vintage Garden tile inspired by botanical paintings.
Don’t we all like a long, hot soak after a stressful, busy day? The bathroom is a space that guarantees solitude and peace, where you can spend some time alone with your thoughts. How wonderful it would be if this area was rich in design too, making it all the more whimsical and comfortable. Taking off from this idea, Aneeth Arora of Pero joined hands with premier brand FCML and created the most beautiful bathroom tiles that can truly lift a space.
Translating her designs onto ceramics, she created three designs – stories on Telia Rumal that showcased patterns inspired by ikat; Vintage Garden of botanical paintings influenced by painter Pierre Joseph Redoute’s works and Kintsugi based on the Japanese practice of repairing and restoring broken pieces aesthetically.
We spoke to the creative behind her stunning collection and her first ever EDIDA win. Here are some excerpts:
ELLE DECOR: What is the best part about winning an EDIDA?
Aneeth Arora: Winning this accolade feels really good! If it wasn’t for FCML, I would have never been able to experiment with a medium like this. While working on these tiles, it felt like working with textiles as it’s very similar – both have a lot of overlapping work on them.
ED: Describe your experience working in decor as opposed to fashion…
AA: Designing tiles is not very different from fashion – the possibilities in it too are endless. I met with the FCML team who showed me their manufacturing process for tiles, which allowed me to think differently, creatively.
ED: Take us through the process of creating your EDIDA winning product.
AA: Since it was a new medium, my first visit to FCML was an introduction to different kinds of surfaces and how one can design on them. On my way back from the first visit, my mind was full of ideas on the kind of patterns I wanted to showcase on my tiles. Decor too is a vast field and you can do so much in it. I finally decided working on three kinds of designs.
ED: Is there a recent product or collection you admire in the tiles category?
AA: I feel I am very old school when it comes to looking out for designs and inspirations – I’ve always looked at local and vintage designs. For me, the vintage French bathrooms and Japanese designs take forefront even today.
ED: Two characteristics bathware products of the future will have…
AA: I think bathrooms would be a mix of traditional as well as high tech designs. It will be a fusion of advanced technology with ethnic influences and handmade staples.
Website: www.pero.co.in
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