An exclusive peek into Rohit Bal’s new line for Good Earth

NOV 15, 2016 | By Nishita Fiji
Nature, wildlife, a love for Persian arts and a reverence of Mughal history are few of the sources that inspired this line. Our favourtes include accent pieces in decor and dining that are complete with intricate detailing on fine bone china, ceramic and glass in vibrant shades. Our favourtes include accent pieces in decor and dining that are complete with intricate detailing on fine bone china, ceramic and glass in vibrant shades.
Renowned couturier Rohit Bal joined forces with luxury retailer Good Earth to create Husn e Taairaat. The range also marks Rohit Bal’s debut into the world of home decor.
There’s no better news than when we hear that two of our favourite names in design are collaborating to release an entire line of homeware. We are speaking of none other than renowned couturier Rohit Bal who joined forces with luxury retailer Good Earth to create Husn e Taairaat, a tight capsule of home objets d’art and apparel separates.
What caught our eye, of course, was the range of tableware and stunning home accessories. We got Rohit and Simran Lal, CEO of Good Earth to give us all the inside details about the products.
ELLE DECOR: How was your experience working with each other?
Rohit Bal: I’ve always known that if I had to design a range of home products, I’d either have done it for myself, for my own store or I’d have done it with Good Earth because I just think it’s a beautiful match. I think I’ll be the first buyer, followed by Anita Lal, Creative Director of Good Earth and Simran.
Simran Lal: We are thrilled to have collaborated with Rohit. Creating this collection has been a phenomenal experience; it took us a year to put this collection together. Both Rohit and Anita were meticulously involved with the entire process. With both of their efforts they’ve come up with an amazing collection of products for home and clothing that takes the sensibility and opulence of Rohit but also gives it a Good Earth feel of everyday luxury.
ED: What made you pick Rohit Bal to design this collection?
SL: At Good Earth we love to collaborate with designers and creative people as it also pushes us to try different things and introduce newness to our customers. Apart from being a good friend and well-known, we share a common love for nature. He happens to be a Kashmiri and is very knowledgeable about flowers, nature and wildlife. However, the biggest common inspiration between us is the love for Persian art and craftsmanship. Bringing both our similarities and differences of design expressions is the culmination of the truly wonderful association between Rohit and us.
ED: What inspired you to draw from nature and translate it to a tableware collection?
RB: Husn-e-Taairaat was my 2015 couture collection that was a tribute from the rich crafts of Persia, while drawing parallels with renaissance and post-impressionism art movements. It was a juxtaposition of my thoughts, influences, art affiliations and a personal love for Indian textiles. My Husn-e-Taairaat Capsule Collection for Good Earth is a reinterpretation of similar themes that inspired the collection, now presented in Good Earth’s elegant silhouettes in apparel and decorative homeware. Vibrant shades of royal blue and jade are offset with creams and natural tones to bring this collection to life. The signature motifs – multi-coloured lotuses, long-tailed birds like peacocks, fruits, beauty, nature, wildlife, flora and fauna – are inspired by vintage Pichwai paintings, one of the most intricate styles of Indian temple art hailing from Rajasthan.
ED: Since you have only recently ventured into homeware, how is it different designing tableware as opposed to fashion?
RB: I would say the creative process is quite similar in terms of design. And then I couldn’t have thought of a better partner than Good Earth to transform my designs into a rich and vibrant collection of luxury homeware ensuring highest quality of materials and technical finesse. We have used detailed hand decoration of artwork decals and placement of motifs on fine bone china, ceramic and glass, accentuated with 24 carat gold and platinum. I would say that the Husn e Taairaat collection brings the maximalist style and regal sophistication of my couture designs into homeware.
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