6 gadgets that will transform the way you work

JUN 23, 2017 | By Ayman Contractor
6.Extra Bass wireless headphones by Sony. 3.The new iPad Pro and iPencil from Apple. 1.Toughpad FZ-A2 by Panasonic. 2.BeoLit 17 designed by Cecilie Manz for Bang & Olufsen. 5.The new Kindle from Amazon. 4.Yoga 710 laptop by Lenovo.
Looking for a snazzy new gadget to invest in? We list out our top six new releases that will help you stay organised and breeze through your to-do lists.
1. Toughpad FZ-A2 by Panasonic
This product is exactly what the name suggests, a tough tablet, meant to survive a drop of up to five feet. If you’re someone who travels frequently, you can pack this up to get work done on the go with no fear of shattering.
2. BeoLit 17 by Bang & Olufsen
The speaker, designed by Danish industrial designer Cecilie Manz has a sleek leather strap for portablility and boasts tremendous battery life of 24 hours. This means you can use this in your work cabin and home office and enjoy ambient music in high sound quality while you work.
3. iPad Pro and iPencil by Apple
For designers, creators and doodlers, Apple’s new iPad Pro comes with an iPencil stylus with pressure sensors that help artists create precise strokes. Go paperless and sketch, draw and conceptualise your vision on this iPad.
4. Yoga 710 by Lenovo
The new version of Lenovo’s new Yoga laptop combines the functions of a laptop and tablet while still being lightweight. The screen is can be flipped a full 360 degrees to be made into a sleek touch tab.
5. Kindle by Amazon
Voracious readers can invest in the new Kindle by Amazon. It boasts unlimited books, in a slim ultra light tablet, without any screen glare, so you can read in any and every surrounding.
6. Extra Bass by Sony
Everyone listens to music during their commute or in office while working. To enjoy quality sound without the tangle of wires, Sony has launched their Extra Bass wireless Bluetooth headphones that last for around 18 hours.
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