5 versatile bedrooms to suit every teenager’s style

JUN 21, 2017 | By Ayman Contractor
5. The trendy millenial's indo-western escape. Photographs by Jignesh Jhaveri/Photolink, Produced by Shaan Shahani.
3. This ebony boudoir brings out the darker side in you.Photograph by Jignesh Jhaveri/Photolink, Produced by Shaan Shahani.
4. Fabian Ostner's eco-friendly room is powered with solar energy. Photograph by Fabien Charuau, Produced by Sonia Dutt.
2. A kaleidoscope of colours for a fun lively room. Photographs by Jignesh Jhaveri/Photolink, Produced by Shaan Shahani.
1. A simple and minimalist bedroom for a clutter free and calming space.Photograph by Fram Petit and Tina Handi courtesy Note D, Produced by Mrudul Pathak Kundu.
Do you ever look back at your teenage years and cringe at the memories? That is the time when you discover your likes and dislikes, develop your interests and experiment in every aspect of life. We show you how to express these changing ideas tastefully, so that five years later, you don’t wince at the recollection.
1. White washed minimalism
Opt for a white bedroom, with lots of natural light and open space, for a lighter, cleaner look. Hemant Purohit and Smita Khanna designed this Alibaug bedroom keeping in mind a minimalist yet modern look. Keep your room clutter free with basic furniture and slight accents of colour.
2. A colour riot
If you’re obsessed with colour, embrace your vibrant side with a mix of prints and hues. Take inspiration from designer Krsnaa Mehta’s bedroom. Play with patterns and colours on your bed like he has. Instead of subduing the space, he adds a bright geometric rug and printed blinds. Add colourful posters and frames to a mellow wallpaper that you can switch over the years.
3. Embrace the dark side
Channel your rebellious phase and fashion it into a sleek setting. Take inspiration from Deanne Panday’s dark abode. Offset the dark surroundings with tan coloured cabinets, door frames and shelving. With flooring from Squarefoot and a matte black clock from Crate and Barrel, this black boudoir is the epitome of class.
4. Sensible sustenance
Looking for new ways to make your space sustainable and reducing your carbon footprint? Take notes from this bedroom in Auroville based designer Fabian Ostner’s home, which is made with eco-sensitive materials, powered by solar energy. In the centre lies a floating four-poster bed made in khaya wood. Add small touches with some travel momentos adding to the earthiness this look exudes.
5. The trendy millennial
Kunal Shah designed this SoBo house displaying a shabby chic setting. Revamping an old barber’s chair with a slogan cushion and a Nagaland throw creates an indo-western mix. Add black and white photos along the walls for a personal touch, swapping out memories as you make them.
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