3 bath fittings that will completely transform your bathing experience

APR 4, 2019 | By Aneesha Bhadri
CLOCKWISE, FROM LEFT Gemini by Jaguar. Real Rain by Kohler. ShowerPipe by Axor.

With summer approaching, a calming shower seems like a fresh respite from the scorching heat. While the city life always doesn’t let one enjoy a vacation-calibre bath experience, a refreshing bathroom doesn’t always require a total overhaul. A luxurious bathroom is a lot more than just expensive bath fittings. From gentle rain drizzles to invigorating massages, our top picks of state-of-the-art features and fittings not only look amazing, but also promise ease of use. Consider this a revitalising investment!

Spa Oasis: We all deserve a little spa-time now and then to escape the hustle bustle. For the authentic spa experience at home, Jaguar’s uber-luxurious bathtub, Gemini, comes to the rescue. Its hydro massage function helps in relaxing the muscles, increasing blood circulation and relieving muscular pain and tension. Most jets can be individually controlled, directing pressure to where you need it the most. The experience is further enhanced with chromotherapy that uses colours to improve your overall well-being. With its fibreglass base, underwater flood light, backlit drink holders and chromo cascade grab bar, it is sure to be a decadent experience. From an eco-friendly perspective, the spa has an insulated perimeter to maintain the warmth of the water, plumbing and equipment, thereby saving energy costs.

Shower Power: Usually, all we have time for is a quick shower before we dash off to the office. Upgrade those hasty baths with ShowerPipe – a multi-featured, customisable shower installation. Equipped with thermostat technology, AXOR ShowerPipe has unique features, which makes it a better shower system than most out there. Its Airpower technology mixes water with air, making the droplets plumper, lighter and softer and allowing more efficient use of water. The QuickClean function ensures that dirt and limescale deposits from taps and showers are easily extricated with the help of flexible silicon knobs on the spray disc. The dual adjustable showerheads with Rain and RainAir sprays and a twist lock make it easy to use. Its chic, vintage appearance is the final tick-mark on the checklist of an ideal shower fitting.

Drizzle Nozzle: The gentle whiff of petrichor as the first rain hits the ground, the beloved childhood activity of frolicking in the rains, all hits our nostalgia button. These precious sensations stay with you and you may miss them the most during the scorching summer months. Now you don’t have to wait for the monsoons to experience these simple pleasures of life as Kohler’s new shower system has recreated the gentle patterns of rainfall so perfectly, you wouldn’t know the difference! From the varying sizes of the raindrops to the angles and velocity at which they fall, Real Rain flawlessly replicates the real thing. Designed with a water reservoir that relies on gravity to shape the individual raindrops, its unique nozzle releases drops that build in speed and strength until the shower sounds, looks and feels like a summer rainstorm. Choose from a soothing drizzle to a heavy downpour with the ‘let it rain’ function that provides a rain-free centre zone that lets you breathe easily while being immersed in a gentle shower; while the ‘let it pour’ feature transforms it into a drenching cloudburst that is nothing short of exhilarating.
ShowerPipe by Axor
Real Rain by Kohler