11 Haldi Latte hued mugs perfect for a warm monsoon cuppa

JUL 14, 2016 | By Jayati Jain
3. Rosa Yellow Espresso coffee cup from 6. Typewriters mug from Letter Note. 1. Advice mug from Navya. 5. Stoneware Espresso mug from Le Creuset. 7. Rasa Conical mug from Good Earth. 2. Ceramic Marigold summer cup and saucer from Fabindia. 4. Floral Eloquence coffee mug from India Circus.
It’s pouring outside, grey clouds reign supreme over the skies and your favourite book beckons you…now all that’s missing is a steaming cup of coffee or tea to keep you company. What better to lighten up the mood and promise a cheery atmosphere than your own bright yellow mug? Any time you’re down, the happy turmeric shade on these must-have cups will keep you warm, inside out.
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