10 Indian Instagrammers who will feed your #foodporn addiction

JUL 3, 2018 | By Nitija Shastri
Vegetarian lunch plate Photograph courtesy Instagram @kaapidaw. Strawberry salad Photograph courtesy @saffrontrail. Prawn Makhani with green chutney, Im-ar-ti, sliced onion, chapati and papad set in a thali Photograph by Instagram @funfoodandfrolic. Creamy almond and coconut milk raspberry popsicle Photograph courtesy Instagram @foodfashionparty. Lemon blueberry cake Photograph courtesy Instagram @shivesh17.
Zafrani Pulao Photograph courtesy @cubesnjuliennes. Apricot cake with custard-like crumbs Photograph courtesy Instagram @ankietgulabani. Avocado basil sauce spaghetti with smoky roasted pecans Photograph courtesy Instagram @veganricha. Gluten-free, paleo homemade strawberry jam Photographs courtesy Instagram @whiskaffair. Kerala fish curry is a traditional Malabari dish Photographs courtesy Instagram @whiskaffair.

Lock yourself in for a gastronomical ride with these Indian Instagram foodies whose every post is a quality treat for the eyes. Warning: If you’re on a diet, you might want to look away now.1. @shivesh17 – Shivesh BhatiaWelcome to the dessert lover’s paradise. There’s no denying the appeal of a gorgeous Instagram feed full of baked goodies. You will find yourself scrolling through endless photos of artistically styled cakes, meringue frostings and pecan tarts that are almost too impressive to eat.

Info on a silver platter: The 22-year-old baker from Delhi has a massive following of 111k followers. He held his first whisk at 16 while he was experimenting with Betty Crocker’s vanilla cake mix and he hasn’t stopped since. He is now releasing his first cookbook this year.2. @whiskaffair- Neha MathurRight from the quintessential Malabar fish curry to a gluten-free, paleo homemade strawberry jam, Whisk Affair will take you through various cuisines and delectable ‘diet-food.’ There’s one for every palate.Info on a silver platter: A dentist by profession, Dr Neha Mathur quit dentistry and chose to start her food blog. Neha has consulted various food start-ups and brands like Saffola Fit Foodie and She is also plays the role of an advisor for all the bloggers who want to associate with the brands in future.
3. @funfoodandfrolic – Hina BishtThis tempting prawn makhani is making us hungry all over again. You are looking at pictures of beautifully set thalis straight from the mother’s kitchen, evoking childhood nostalgia.Info on a silver platter: Gurgaon-based food blogger Hina ditched finance for food and switched roles from a full-time banker to a food blogger. The recipes on her blog are local everyday meals geared for simple Indian kitchens.4. @veganricha – Richa HingleBless your feed with vegan dishes that even a hardcore carnivore would droll over. Scroll through step-by-step photos of whole, organic and plant-based dishes with easy-to-understand instructions of classic Indian recipes.Info on a silver platter: Seattle-based Richa dons multiple hats — foster parent for dog rescues, food photographer and meningioma survivor. Her blog has been featured on popular portals such as and Huffington Post.5. @cubesnjuliennes – Farrukh AzizWe strongly second Farrukh’s motto ‘You Eat with Your Eyes First.’ We are already in a food frenzy while we swipe through irresistible pictures of authentic falafel and zafrani pulao.Info on a silver platter: A qualified microbiologist, Farrukh Aziz started cooking as a hobby and before she knew it, her blog found popularity among food enthusiasts and she hasn’t turned back since.6. @ankeitgulabani (Belly Over Mind) – Ankeit GulabaniBelly Over Mind’ feed is a gastronomic delight with classy pictures that make you want to become a connoisseur as much as they make you want to eat it.Info on a silver platter: After a brief stint as a food writer with BBC GoodFood Magazine, Ankeit has now channeled all his energies into becoming a micro-blogging ninja and his followers will nod in agreement.7. @saffrontrail – Nandita IyerSaffrontrail’s feed is proof that vegetarian diets are anything but dull. Fresh greens, featuring tons of fun recipes and tasty plant-based versions of popular comfort foods.Info on a silver platter: Youtuber and instagram-famous Dr. Nandita Iyer is a medical doctor with a specialisation in nutrition. Although she has trailed across Mumbai, Hyderabad and the US, she is currently based in Bengaluru
8. @siakrishna (Monsoon Spice) – Sia Krishna Monsoon Spice’s vibrant and lavender laden feed will not only serve up fodder for your next food coma, but also some perfect plating that could inspire your next dinner party.
Info on a silver platter- After workin as an IT-professional for almost a decade, Sia Krishna quit her job to be a part-time blogger and photographer.
9. @kaapidaw – Aparajitha RajagopalanWe can already sense the heady aroma of roasted spices lingering as we browse through Aparajitha’s feed. You will find systematically arranged lunch plates of grandmother’s recipes that create modern treats.
Info on a silver platter- Like most Indian households, Aparajitha first interaction with the cookroom came about with toasting bread and rotis and then progressed on to instant noodles. Taking inspiration from her mother’s exotic south indian recipes, she now mastered the art of serving yummy food on the table and instagram, alike.10. @foodfashionparty- Asha ShivWe can’t count the number of times we’ve wanted Wonka Vision to be real so that we could grab the baked goodies right out of Asha Shiv’s feed. From popsicles to pastas, you will find them all. Keep scrolling and you will find fresh and appetising Indian food you ‘d just want to sink your teeth into.
Info on a silver platter- Based in the USA, Asha’s cooking influence lies in her Indian roots, she enjoys experimenting with spices and flavours from around the world.