10 Christmas gifts to treat yourself to this year

DEC 21, 2017 | By Reecha Kulkarni
Half Moon by TRIMM. Crystalware by Rohit Bal. Leather swing by Patricia Urquiola for Louis Vuitton. Tea Humidifier by Lotusier.
Minipresso by Wacaco. Planet by i4Mariani. Mille Feuille storage unit by Inliving.
Kama Ayurveda’s Limited Edition boxes. Benaras line of bedcovers by Surprise Home Linen. Glow by Potential Labs.

You’re running around snapping up Christmas gifts for your near and dear ones, but this holiday season, a little self-love is in order. We’ve sorted through our favourite brands and products to zero in on 10 unique gifts you’d love to give, but you’d rather keep yourself:1. Leather swing by Patricia Urquiola for Louis VuittonKick back and relax with a glass of champagne – an ordinary brew won’t do for this luxury swing. Keeping slow living in mind, we’ve picked Patricia Urquiola’s swing that features gold plated hooks, a leather seat and nylon rope, setting the tone for me-time in the new year. Website: 2. Glow by Potential LabsThis one’s practical – monitor your home’s environmental energy wastage and reduce those power bills with this adorable little contraption. Website: 3. Kama Ayurveda’s Limited Edition boxesHaven’t got around to finishing all those things you wanted to in 2017? Don’t stress – light up some Kama Ayurveda oil diffusers and candles from their limited edition vintage boxes, and bring the New Year in for a fresh start. Website: 4. Planet by i4MarianiDo you think you deserve to be the center of the universe? Cocoon yourself in the snug Planet, a comfy revolving seater from I4Mariani. Website: 5. Minipresso by Wacaco We can’t start the day, or the year without caffeine. Minipresso by Wacaco is a portable hand-powered espresso machine with a built-in filter. Shake for the perfect cuppa. Website: 6. Half Moon by TRIMMStay in and watch the fireworks and Santa on the roof from this comfy weather resistant seater, this Christmas.Website: 7. Mille Feuille storage unit by InlivingStart with dessert with this colourful storage unit, reminiscent of pastries and pastel macaroons, made from Mango wood. Website: 8. Tea Humidifier by LotusierInterior designer Asa Eriksson-Ahuja’s Tea Humidifier wears a wooden exterior and a handcrafted crystal interior to protect tea from humidity, light or the other natural forces. Website: 9. Benaras line of bedcovers by Surprise Home LinenWake up to 2018 with pure silk bedcovers from Surprise Home Linen’s handwoven brocade Benaras collection.Website: 10. Crystalware by Rohit BalOverflowing wine and Christmas goodies would go perfectly with Rohit Bal’s handcrafted crystalware with pure gold and platinum borders. Website: www.rohitbal.comAlso read: 12 days of Christmas decorating with ELLE DECOR