“It was the first time that we have used water (of the pool) as an additional building material. Using it to create depth, to reflect light, what it does to the space when it is still or rippled — that was all very exciting.”

A grand entrance connects to the garden. Sculpted to open the space to the sky, a large steel pivot door coated with translucent polycarbonate and perforated metal sheeting creates a statement. There is a daring play of textures — granite for the flooring, rough plaster for walls, exposed concrete for the roofing structure and painted white steel for doors

Left: The pool area, which can be accessed directly from the old house or via a new staircase, arrives at a stone ledge floating over the pool ; Right : Soenke plays on the double-height, free-flowing central area of the house to connect the space and make it a holistic address. Drawing inspiration from traditional Gujarati homes, a contemporary two-seater swing designed by Soenke is a conversation starter

Photgraphy By Jignesh Jhaveri/ Photolink

ELLE DECOR India's black and white cover home ripples with earthy elements

by Meenakshi Shankar Apr 15, 2019 Interestingly, the brief that came to Soenke wasn’t to build the house but to bring home a completely new avatar for the basement. The space needed to harness elements of the earth and capture the reflections of the moving sky on still and rippling water. Soenke believes in breathing life into spaces and his work reflects this. The pool and spa, in the basement, had to come alive with light, shadow, line and space. “The challenge was to create a space that rested on my design sensibility — which doesn’t fully give itself away at first. It wants to be discovered, surprising you along the way. Conforming to this, a space infused with clean lines and a reduced palette of materials emerged,” Soenke elaborates on the almost ethereal design.

A first for the architect, he introduced water as the main narrative of the space, using it as an additional building material. Light and shadow, fierce and soft, come together to create ripples that are bold and evocative in a single breath. Standing dignified with its minimalistic approach, this space is a treat to the senses.

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Photgraphy By Jignesh Jhaveri/ Photolink