1. Azulej by Patricia Urquiola Pinterest
1. Azulej by Patricia Urquiola
2. Macrosterias for Budri Pinterest
2. Macrosterias for Budri
3. Type-32 by Diego Grandi Pinterest
3. Type-32 by Diego Grandi

#TrendingNow: Artfully patterned floors

by Jaina Chandwany Sep 19, 2015

Art is usually conventionally displayed on walls. Why not try something different and use flooring as your experimental canvas? Consider the latest trends in mismatched prints, clashing colours and creative geometrical patterns. 

1. Digital Patchwork 
Designed by Patricia Urquiola, the Azulej collection from Mutina uses an innovative digital printing technique and gives a contemporary take on ancient handcrafted majolica tiles. Made of rectified porcelain stoneware, the line shows off motifs that fuse various aesthetic styles. Make myriad patchwork combinations with three colourways.
Website: www.mutina.it

2. Asymmetry
Running from the floor to the wall, the Macrosterias installation for Budri, travels through a digital biological microcosm created using over 30 kinds of marble and onyx. Finely inlaid graphic forms emerge in stunning colours of natural stones for a greenery fused tropical mat. 
Website: www.patriciaurquiola.com

3. Geometry 
With a zig zag effect reminiscent of herringbone patterns, Lea Ceramiche’s Type-32 by Diego Grandi is based on the reiteration of oblique lines. For versatility, the laminate porcelain panels are available in four different graphics in warm and cold hues overlapping four shade bases.
Website: www.ceramichelea.it