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Allvaze flower vase
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Mubhi Tree tea-light holder
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Decorative flower holder

#EDDesignerFind: Desi accessories by Abhijit and Amrita Bansod for Mubhi

by Nupur Ashok Sarvaiya Jan 03, 2017

Delicate, refined, traditional yet modern, the covetables by Mubhi give an artistic update to otherwise banal decorative objects. Founded by designer duo Abhijit and Amrita Bansod, the brand derives its name from the word bhumi (earth). Their “Matti” realistic approach towards design propels them to create products that celebrate the Indian aesthetic sensibility that stems from our glorious past, mingled with the earthen rush of contemporary living.

The unique offerings push the envelope with radical silhouettes and unexpected materials designed by the best local artisans to perfection with the latest technology. We are absolutely mesmerised by the ceramic Decorative Flower Holder – a unique, charming take on traditional vases to complement beautiful blooms.