popcorn carnival chair Pinterest
popcorn carnival chair
Bench from Rasa collection Pinterest
Bench from Rasa collection
CRO's Trio sofa Pinterest
CRO's Trio sofa
Hand tufted snoozy pet carpet Pinterest
Hand tufted snoozy pet carpet
Cloud seater Pinterest
Cloud seater
Ladrillos Pinterest
Fritz side table Pinterest
Fritz side table
Hood study desk Pinterest
Hood study desk
Coco accent chair Pinterest
Coco accent chair

9 vibrant pieces to add to your little one’s den

by Manuhita Gupta Aug 23, 2018

These pieces in myriad vibrant hues and unique designs will energise monotonous spaces to suit every mood of your little one

1. The art deco style Coco Accent chair upholstered in velvet is available in twenty colour options.

2. The bench from the Rasa collection created in collaboration with  local designer Shweta Malhotra boasts a screen-printed cotton canvas seat.

3. Ladrillos, a shelving system by Spanish creative Javier Mariscal, features animated supports.

4. The Popcorn carnival chair lends a dash of colour to simple interiors.

5. The hand tufted Snoozy pet carpet is the perfect resting spot for four-legged companions.

6. COR’s Trio sofa includes individual blocks that can be arranged in different
compositions to form a bed, a cosy seating area or a chaise longue.

7. The upholstered Cloud seater comprises a teak body accented with a custom wooden tree.

8. Fritz side table with a trapezoidal top and a solid walnut frame is offered in multiple shades and finishes.
Website: www.porada.it

9. Crafted using natural ash, the Hood study desk exhibits a refined, sleek top resting on sturdy legs.