One Fifth Drinks Trolley Pinterest
One Fifth Drinks Trolley
Heiress Bed Pinterest
Heiress Bed
Kipton Mixologist Box Pinterest
Kipton Mixologist Box
Mayfair Tufted Chair Pinterest
Mayfair Tufted Chair
Duke Bar Pinterest
Duke Bar
Sutton Chess Set Pinterest
Sutton Chess Set
Art Deco Athena Clock Pinterest
Art Deco Athena Clock
Chapman Frame Pinterest
Chapman Frame
Adrianna Chandelier Pinterest
Adrianna Chandelier
Daniela 3-Light Candlestick Pinterest
Daniela 3-Light Candlestick

10 luxury buys we discovered at India’s new Ralph Lauren Home store

by Reecha Kulkarni Sep 25, 2017

Stand in line at the new Ralph Lauren Home store in Delhi with a complete list on what to buy. We’ve curated pieces from colonial beds and bar cabinets to chic accessories and opulent chandeliers. 

1. One Fifth Drinks Trolley
Dark wood and silver accents complement the bottles of golden liquid in this Art Deco-inspired bar trolley. This is definitely first on our list for its sleek design, minimal embellishment (and of course, it makes happy juice). 

2. Heiress Bed
Inspired by Louis XV, this bed would do well with Ralph Lauren Home’s 800 thread count sheets. Sleep like Paris Hilton would, with beige and gold highlights and baroque-esque shelter curves.

3. Kipton Mixologist Box 
This is the ultimate mixology collector’s piece, filled with iconic products from the Polo Bar – Ralph Lauren’s first restaurant in New York City. Look inside to find hand-cut crystal decanters, Old Fashioned glasses, silver plated brass jigger and more – wrapped up in an elegant leather case. 

4. Mayfair Tufted Chair 
This contemporary chair is as luxurious to look at as it is comfortable to sink into. The tufted detailing arches into the angled back, making it easy to put down a book halfway. 

5. Duke Bar 
Rosewood with a polished stainless steel trim makes this 1930s inspired bar cabinet the perfect drinking buddy. 

6. Sutton Chess Set
If you weren’t a gamer before… this chic chess set is crafted from walnut wood and carbon-fiber leather , accompanied by polished nickel and carbon game pieces. 

7. Art Deco Athena Clock
It’s time to make the switch from digital numbers to printed black Arabic numerals and a swiveling case with this vintage clock. 

8. Chapman Frame
The Polaroid trend is as good as done – it’s overdone. This photo frame is crafted from supple alligator embossed leather, making any drunken memory, classier. 

9. Adrianna Chandelier
Watch your guests stare in awe at this chandelier, with precision-cut crystal pendants and modern shades. Jay Gatsby would be proud. 

10. Daniela 3-Light Candlestick 
Prism-cut and hand-polished, the stunning crystal candlestick is a classy accessory that will make any meal look better.