The Insta Grammar series highlights the best in Instagram

Photo courtesy Lannoo Publishers; Photograph by @marniethedog, Instagram

Photograph by @presentandcorrect, Courtesy Lannoo Publishers

This is what Instagram would look like as a book

by Reecha Kulkarni Jan 03, 2018
Are you scrolling through Instagram’s large inventory of photos to create a curated home feed? Have you painstakingly searched for and taken screenshots of silly ‘doggo’ and grumpy cat photos? Lannoo Publishers do the curating for you, with their series of coffee table books – Insta Grammar.

The Belgium-based publisher gives us the best of Instagram in thematic books, ranging from the all-time favourite canines to artsy portraits of cats, graphics and illustrations, psychedelic floral prints, and more. The books are also #Inspirational, featuring quotes from famous personalities like Leonardo DaVinci, Ernest Hemingway and Marilyn Monroe. Judging only by the covers, the books are true to the Polaroid aesthetic, and we “like” it.

Photograph by @presentandcorrect, Courtesy Lannoo Publishers