Designer duo Charles and Ray Eames posing with metal chair bases

Reconstruction of Charles Eames' office in the Vitra Design Museum
Photograph: Mark Niedermann

Prototypes for Toy Masks in 1950

"Glimpses of the U.S.A", and installation for the American National Exhibition, Moscow, 1959

Ray Eames on an experimental lounge chair in 1946
All photographs courtesy of Vitra Design Museum

An Eames Celebration at Vitra Design Museum
Photo: Boros Berlin

This interactive Charles and Ray Eames retrospective is worth travelling for

by Reecha Kulkarni Nov 02, 2017 You could play with furniture, watch short films, pose by sculptures or browse through a collection of photographs at this immersive exhibition. Germany’s Vitra Design Museum Campus will be hosting “An Eames Celebration” to honour the 20th century designer duo, Charles and Ray Eames. 

The retrospective will feature four parallel exhibitions, to showcase the mixed bag of artwork the artists created over the years. Walls lined with photographs, drawings, textiles, graphic design and sculptures gather at the main building of the museum, only a few minutes away from a screening of a selection of their cinematic oeuvre. Let your kids loose at “Play Parade”, with toys, short films and objects from the toy collection to play with, or visit “Kazam!” and be astounded by the duo’s experimental furniture. 

Just in time for the 110th birthday of Charles Eames, this exhibition perfectly encapsulates the legendary artists.

When: 30 Sept 2017 to 25 Feb 2018

An Eames Celebration at Vitra Design Museum <br> Photo: Boros Berlin