Left: Hatsu by Yashvi Suchak; Right: Abstrac Home by Brinda Patel

Belleven by Shweta Duggal

ERP by Ar. Priyank Vaghasia and Ar. Rishika Bowen

SÃR Studio by Nikita Bhate

Ochre by Kavita Pandya Ganguly

A low-down on the latest design labels making waves with their creations

by Aneesha Bhadri Jun 12, 2019 These exciting designs from some of the upcoming designer labels are fresh, innovative, beautiful and made to suit everyone’s taste. Brighten up your living room with a handcrafted table or accentuate your dining area with colourful patterned table linen— these design labels have something for every space.

Designer: Yashvi Suchak
Design Inspiration: The Memphis movement is the inspiration behind the Ekko rugs.
About the Collection: It experiments with concentric circles and repetitive lines.
Why We Like It: The contemporary design rests on alluring colours and the irresistibly soft look of the fabric, making it a winning package.
Email suchakyashvi21@gmail.com

Abstrac home
Founders: Brinda Patel
Design Inspiration: Unravel Indigo is inspired by basic geometric shapes and the materiality of natural fabric.
About the Collection: It is handwoven khadi cotton with a mix of handspun and unspun yarn used in the weft.
Why We Like It: The organic colours and rustic feel of the locally sourced bedding material makes it a classic accessory.
Email abstrachome@gmail.com

Founders: Shweta Duggal
Design Inspiration: The table linen collection draws inspiration from life and everything it has to offer.
About the Collection: It features a variety of patterns and summery colours.
Why We Like It: The collection can elevate the dining area and this range is perfect for your summer-inspired luncheons under the bright blue sky.
Website www.belleven.com

Ar. Priyank Vaghasia and Ar. Rishika Bowen
Design Inspiration: The console table called ‘Moon’ is inspired by contemporary design trends. Also, the desire to innovate and elevate everyday objects has defined it.
About the Collection: It is part of a range of minimalistic products.
Why We Like It: It dons a sleek and chic look that is enhanced by the warm tone and texture of wood.
Website www.erpdesignstudio.com

SÃR Studio
Founder: Nikita Bhate
Design Inspiration: The Hirundo and Pila collections are inspired by India and her rich traditions.
About the Collection: Handcrafted using solid wood, they are a perfect addition to contemporary living.
Why We Like It: Their contextual and functional design is crafted with a touch of nostalgia, making for a versatile collection that will liven up any space.
Website www.sar-studio.com

Founder: Kavita Pandya Ganguly
Design Inspiration: The ceramic collection draws inspiration from indigenous textiles.
About the Collection: Nerikomi is a Japanese decorative process that involves mixing clay with ceramic colour oxides.
Why We Like It: This Indo-Japanese fusion creates mesmerising patterns that you can’t help but stop and admire. 
Website shop.gaatha.com

SÃR Studio by Nikita Bhate

Ochre by Kavita Pandya Ganguly