Dining table and Serving Gift bundles from UlluKePathe

Quirky ceramic garden accessories and wind chimes by Kavita Pandya Ganguly

Quirky ceramic garden accessories and wind chimes by Kavita Pandya Ganguly

Varsha Patra’s intricate masterpieces

Spectacular architecture captured by Nipun Prabhakar

Hand embroidered artworks, by NGO Shrujan

Hand embroidered artworks, by NGO Shrujan

6 Indian artisans are headlining ABACA’s latest exhibit for ID Satellite Mumbai 2019

by Sakshi Rai Feb 27, 2019 Abaca has always been a treasure trove of exquisite furniture and accessories, deeply rooted in craft and design. Carrying forward their love for art and crafts, they bring to us six famous artisans, all masters in their varying fields for an interactive design showcase, exclusively for ID Satellite on Friday, 1st of March.

Heeral Akhaury

One of the leading pioneers in the world of bespoke furniture, Heeral Akhaury enters the home decor space with beautiful customizable collections from her brand UlluKePathe. Inspired by the majestic, quirky owl and global cultures, their products exhibit intricate textures and fine finishes.

Kavita Pandya Ganguly

A master of ceramic, Kavita Pandya Ganguly is an old name in the industry, famous for her dynamic explorations in a variety of artworks and also the only studio name in India to use the Nerikomi technique in fusion with Indian motifs and inspirations to make wind chimes, bespoke jewelry, garden products etc. A firm believer of society upliftment, which she finds to be a dual learning path, she constantly encourages rural crafts.

Lalji Joshi

Based out of vibrant and colourful Bhuj, Lalji Joshi is an active member of the international watercolour society and paints beautiful artworks across a range of subjects such as street scenes, portraits and still life. His main mediums of interest are oil on canvas and watercolours.

Varsha Patra

Varsha is an artist and award winning international textile designer, famous for combining folk motifs, patterns and intricate crafts to create illusionary and experimental art. Primarily using the medium of Ink-Pen on paper, she spends countless hours soaking minute details on every art pieces. Her popular design label 'Anek Taanka', works in close collaboration with international brands, architects and interior designers.

Nipun Prabhakar

Berkeley award recipient for his essay on built environment, Nipun Prabhakar is fine tuned to both architecture and photography and is currently developing a lyrical fine art photography series of compositions of rocks, waves, shadows and reflections. He is the co founder of the global photography collective Studio Bimb, which is a platform for architects and designers to visually, aesthetically and morally represent built environments.


An acting bridge between art, craft and design, Shrujan NGO based in Kutch, aims to revive and preserve the crafts of Kutch with their skilled team comprising of designers, visualisers and artisans. Expanding their infrastructure to facilitate this effort, the Living and Learning Design Centre, a crafts museum and resource centre, was set up in 2016. 

The artisan's work will be showcased at Abaca from March 1st to March 3rd 2019 as part of ID Satellite, Mumbai.

Hand embroidered artworks, by NGO Shrujan