In the lobby: The uniformly black and white floor was created using traditional Indian cement tiles. While the lamp is from a 150 year old Trichur temple, purchased from Indian Heritage Arts, all furniture was custom made in Bengaluru

The Deluxe room features a bespoke king-sized four poster bed while the soothing green hue matches the calm, verdant exteriors

The furniture in the lounge area of the same room hearkens back to a bygone era

The exteriors of the structure were restored by Bengaluru based architect Amitha Madan

The primarily ivory wash space of the Luxury Suite. Photographs courtesy Ayana Fort Kochi

Next to the vase from Indian Heritage Arts is a bespoke sofa, again put together in Bengaluru

This 200 year old courthouse has been converted into a modern art deco hotel

by Tasneem Merchant Aug 11, 2017 Imagine stepping into a hotel with a history that spans over two centuries. Initially built as a courthouse, it was then converted into bank and later a souk for tea and spices. This is what it feels like at Ayana Fort Kochi, a 16-room boutique getaway centrally located in Fort Kochi. In its new avatar as a retreat, the edifice provides shelter to weary travellers post their excursions to nearby areas. The interiors were given a new lease of life under the supervision of Kavita Premnarayan, Design Director of Ayana Hospitality and the exterior face-lift was the labour of Bengaluru based architect Amitha Madan of Infinity Design Corp.

While the space might be heavily influenced by the art deco style, it also reflects a heady mix of “old Indian” sensibilities. “I wanted this project to stand out in terms of design and to feel a little more luxurious while retaining its “Indianness”,” explains Kavita. Most of the furniture and artworks were sourced from local antique shops, including the 7 ft tall stacked diya in the lobby. A black and white chequered floor follows you throughout – right from the reception all the way to the rooms. Artworks by renowned and upcoming creatives such as T Vaikuntam and Sakti Burman adorn the walls at Ayana Fort Kochi, an extension of the philosophy it embodies, of encouraging native talent. 


Next to the vase from Indian Heritage Arts is a bespoke sofa, again put together in Bengaluru