1. Take a walk to the British Museum from this 2 bedroom suite, and come back to this spotless kitchen

2. The Modern Luxury Apartment in New Delhi is owned by Nalin, and has 2 bedrooms

3. Stay at a converted Victorian school in the middle of London

4. Look out the window to find Central Park from this one bedroom getaway

5. With 4 bedrooms and the Central Park Zoo a minute away, this penthouse in New York is on our list

6. Located on Oxford street, this warehouse AirBnB's kitchen wears a grunge look

7. This 4 bedroom Luxury Apartment in South Delhi can accommodate 11 guests

8. This Deluxe 3BR serviced apartment is located in the heart of Delhi, Hauz Khas

9. Step into this Tree House, owned by animal lovers Freny and Shenny

10. Restaurants and cafes near the London Bridge are hop, skip and jump away from this AirBnb

Chef Manish Mehrotra picks his favourite AirBnb stays

Chef Manish Mehrotra picks 10 AirBnB stays you need to visit

by Reecha Kulkarni Sep 29, 2017 The holidays will be here soon, and there’s no better time to plan those vacations. Hand-picked by Chef Manish Mehrotra, these AirBnB stays may keep you from peeking outside. 

The man behind India’s reigning best restaurant, Indian Accent in New Delhi, gives us a kitchen-inspired travel itinerary to the best AirBnB homes in the world. “The joy of cooking for oneself when travelling has a special sense of accomplishment to it and it is also a great way to experience the true joy of local living,” he says. 

The chef gives us his picks from Delhi to New York and London! With his Indian Accent debuting in India, we know why Delhi's on the list. “London & New York are two of my most favourite destinations across the world and I travel to them quite frequently. I have always felt a sense of affinity with both cities and have spent a large part of my life exploring neighbourhoods to source local ingredients for my recipes,” he says. 

Chef Manish Mehrotra picks his favourite AirBnb stays