Robust interiors at Happy Thai, Mumbai

Lush, tropical interior design at Happy Thai, Mumbai

Bar area at Happy Thai, Mumbai; Photographs by Suleiman Merchant

This Mumbai restaurant will have you dining in the lush tropical rainforest of Thailand

by Nitija Shastri Jun 26, 2019
Happy Thai in Mumbai is making waves with its lush tropical interiors and sumptuous spread from ‘The Land of Smiles.’ The restaurant evokes a gracious modern nod to Thai gastronomy, with immensely satisfying delectables. Nestled within the bustling shopping mall in Mumbai’s financial capital, The 2650 sq ft lively ambience is everything you’d hope it to be!

Enter here and you’re intentionally blocked from the hubbub of the mall and into a warm, earthy cocoon where interior designer Sarah Sham of Essajes Atelier—transports you to another place, or time, the translation of the restaurant’s name. “We wanted to give the patrons a feeling like they were sitting in a lush tropical jungle and eating a lovely local meal,” says Sarah. A quick glance and it is almost hard to miss the dramatic planters that overhang from the ceiling and even chic palms that sprout within the quiet nooks of space. “We kept this entire space quite bare and only filled it with plants to make a large impact. The tropical greenery is supposed to evoke a feeling of being in Thailand without literally referencing it,” she says. Complimenting the lush verdant theme are wooden and cane elements that are used both in screen partitions and also in the main façade of the restaurant. The bar, just as well rounded, features black marble with gold detailing against the backdrop of a happy Thai elephant neon logo and eclectic light fixtures—spells out a vivid design story that begs to be photographed.

The next time you’re craving for som tam and sushi, you know where to go!

Bar area at Happy Thai, Mumbai; Photographs by Suleiman Merchant