Embrace the all red look by pairing different shades of red together

Place vibrant red accessories against muted backgrounds to add a pop of colour

Palette of the season; Styling by Jyotsna Kanal ; Photography by Bajirao Pawar

Transform your space with the festive colour of the season: Deep Red

by Sonia Dutt Jan 03, 2019 The Inspiration
Come December, surround yourself with seductive, rich and daring deep tones. Say hello to glamour by bringing home the vibrant touch of red, which we think is an ode to opulence and extravagance. Allow the magic of red to unfold before your eyes and transform your space into a fashionably classic canvas that will be the perfect setting for your year-end celebrations.

Deep Red Accents
A do-it-yourself project of a functional yet quirky stool in a reading corner for yourself. Create this baby with old books stacked on a ply base with wheels. It’s clever, user-friendly and a great way to get those creative juices flowing. The idea behind this small stool is to store books in a versatile manner — it can be converted in to a mobile side table as well. The old-school aluminium box can double up for extra storage.

Deep Red Features
Red may be intimidating but it can brighten up your space. Do not shy away from this oh-so-grown-up colour. A simple technique to spark up your room can vary from fabrics to cushions. Upholster an accent chair and make curtains or even a cosy throw for your bed! Get inspired by this eccentric room that will transport you to a modern sanctuary instantly.

Palette of the season; Styling by Jyotsna Kanal ; Photography by Bajirao Pawar