Don’t shy away from using bold geometric prints on walls, floors and other decor accessories.
Trends and Style Direction by Sonia Dutt, Photography by Tanuj Ahuja, Styling by Team Elle Decor India

Botanical diagrams and prints in muted tones are ideal for the nature lover

Play around with textures and daring designs to make your interiors that extra bit unique

You can also add: Rang Mahal wallpaper by Raseel Gujral Ansal from Casa Pop

Pattern Party: A bold concoction of prints to enliven your interiors

by Nishita Fiji May 12, 2016
Layering prints isn't for the weak hearted. However, 2016 seems to be the year of pushing away from the basic and embracing all that is bold, lively and unapologetic. If you’re tired of playing it safe, adding printed elements to your interiors could be your ticket to decor nirvana. Put your own spin on the print on pattern trend and surround yourself with motifs that inspire you.

Choose a section of your home that you’d like to upgrade and showcase your favourite prints. For the symmetry obsessed, pick geometric designs in vibrant hues and juxtapose them with subtler prints. If you’re a nature lover, you could recreate the outdoors in the comfort of your home by choosing botanical patterns on wallpapers and soft furnishings. Play with textures to spice things up further.

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Wallpapers from
Floor and Furnishings, Nilaya by Asian Paints, Sarita Handa
Furniture from INV Home, Krea, Sarita Handa
Accessories from Apartment 9, CMYK Book Store, Crazy Daisy, INV Home, Silk Road and Beyond, The Wishing Chair
Lights from Krea, Light Box
Rugs from Hands Carpets, Sarita Handa
Wall accents from Apartment 9, The Wishing Chair
Paint from Asian Paints

You can also add: Rang Mahal wallpaper by Raseel Gujral Ansal from Casa Pop