Iqrup and Ritz feature unique concepts for their furniture lines

Fuseproject combines technology with art for Samsung

A kleptomaniac's paradise - metal lamps, wall art and more at The Lohasmith

EDIDA Young Talent Kunaal Kyhaan Seolekar's baby, Koy Store

Designer Shabnam Gupta curates accessories for her brand, Peacock Life

Pinklay's roots lie in the Pink City of India

Vibrant prints and colourful accessories at Cyahi

The metal Incan Sun wall art from The Lohasmith

7 Design names and brands to stalk this year

by Reecha Kulkarni Jan 02, 2018 From innovative designers to upcoming labels, we’ve picked 7 names we’re excited about this year:

1. Iqrup and Ritz
We love mother-daughter duo Iqrup and Ritika “Ritz” Dhamija’s concepts of furniture, ranging from angles in the Pythagoras Theorem to British Sculptor Henry Moore’s organic creations. 

2. Fuseproject 
The future is definitely here – Yves Behar made sure of it. His studio, Fuseproject morphed Samsung televisions into artwork on a wall.

3. Lohasmith
Do you have a fetish for metallics? Karun and Meghna Malik’s brand features metal lamps, wall art, mirrors and wine racks amongst other accessories. 

4. Koy
EDIDA Young Talent Kunaal Kyhaan Seolekar experiments with materials like natural stone and marble to create funky collectibles and luxury accessories. Pick from Play, Eat, Sleep and other collections on his website.

5. Peacock Life
Designer Shabnam Gupta goes green with earthy, recycled and environmentally friendly furniture, quirky wall hangings, statement piece and vibrant accessories. 

6. Pinklay 
Drawing inspiration from the Pink City and the trademark craftsmanship of Rajasthan, Daisy Tanwani’s colourful home decor brand offers everything from block print rugs and zardosi charms to artisanal trays and lanterns.

7. Cyahi
We’ve closed other tabs and stopped “window” shopping for our home - Avrine Roy and Janhavee Sinh’s online brand has a range of super chic home decor accents and artsy prints to go with it. 

The metal Incan Sun wall art from The Lohasmith