Left: Liven up your wall with printed wallpapers; Right: Spruce up the traditional khaat

Left: Cane and ochre highlights for a sandy statement. Right: Revive a neutral space with cacti accessories.
Trend and Style Direction by Sonia Dutt, Photographs by Tanuj Ahuja, Styling by Team ELLE DECOR India

You can also add: The Cactus Hook from The Wishing Chair

4 ways to integrate our #DesertWanderer trend in your home

by Ayman Contractor May 31, 2017
Revel in the joys of laid-back, fuss free living with the Desert Wanderer trend, forecasted by the ELLE DECOR team at India Design ID this year. We show you how to invoke a sandy bohemian spirit into your earthy abode.

1. Make an arid statement on your walls
Tired of old white-washed partitions? Enliven them with printed wallpaper that captures scenes from the heart of the Sahara. Keep the rest simple. A small table, seaters in muted tones and light wooden flooring will complete the look.

2. Revisit your roots with a quintessential khaat
Nothing says comfort like a traditional Indian cot. Bring the Rajasthani staple to your residence and spruce it up with Aztec or Warli patterned cushions and throws. Pepper the space with copper and brass antiques for a more homely feel.

3. Invoke the Thar desert with cane
Choose furniture, lights and accessories crafted in wicker with minimal metal accents. Paint walls with bold shades of ochre and rust to complement the earthy material.

4. Lighten the mood with cacti themed accessories
Transport yourself to an idyllic oasis in your own home. Throw pillows and cushions fashioned as succulents and dot your desk with pretty terrariums. You could even incorporate the motif with colourful wall art.

Get this look:

1. Wooden flooring from Willow View
Net cover tray from Kayu
Ceramic plate from MoonRiver
The Circus Table by Matteo Cibic for Scarlet Splendour

2. Pristine Linen textured wall paint from Asian Paints
Cane hanging lights from Rain & Peacock
Wooden flooring from Willow View
Brass mirror from Nivasa
Fabric necklace and bracelet from Shades of India
Planters from Bhawna Nursery
Glass bottle from Nivasa
Birds from The Flea Shop
Bookend from The Wishing Chair
Dreamcatcher stylist’s own
Glass vase from Moonriver
Beaded bowls from Maison.15
Feathers from Prakash Lace Collection
Antique brass side stool from The Furniture Republic
Charpoy from local vendor
Wooden chowki from Silk Road & Beyond
Aztec cushion from Sarita Handa
Books from local vendor
Necklace from Maison.15
Aztec Rug from The Carpet Cellar
Black and white pattern rug from Portside Cafe
Striped rug from Jaipur Rugs
Red cushion from Sarita Handa
Pouffe from The Furniture Republic.

3. Thar Desert wall paint from Asian Paints
Base rug from Jaipur Rugs
Framed print stylist’s own
Wood and wrought iron lights from Rain & Peacock
Basket from Fabindia
Wooden accents and side tables from Portside Cafe
Dry flowers and fruit decoratives from MoonRiver
Pouffe from Sarita Handa

4. Pristine Linen wall paint from Asian Paints
Base wooden flooring from Willow View
Yellow tool box from Navya
Cacti decor pieces from The Wishing Chair
Planters from Bhawna Nursery
Fine bone china and glass desk terrariums by Matteo Cibic for Scarlet Splendour
Stool and sofa from The Yellow Collectibles
Cactus cushions from Sarita Handa
Metallic cactus plant by Alex Davis

You can also add: The Cactus Hook from The Wishing Chair