1. The library-study overrun with colourful books mitigate the muted backdrop in Aatish Taseer's home
Photography by Amit Mehra Styling by Sonia Dutt

2. The eclectic study presents an open shelving cabinet filled with books collected by one of the owners David Housego
Photography by Anshuman Sen Styling by Sonia Dutt

3. Eco-friendly and down-to-earth, this reading corner in architect Pradeep Sachdeva’s manor quintessentially defines cosy
Photography by S Thiru Styling by Sonia Dutt

4. Italian diplomat Javier Barca’s varied study library is a cultural potpourri, replete with curios from his travels around the world
Photography by Tanuj Ahuja Styling by Sonia Dutt

You can also add: Ming’s Heart chair by Poltrona Frau

4 cosy reading corners for every bibliophile

by Nupur Ashok Sarvaiya Sep 02, 2016 Every bookworm is going to “flip” (pages) over these four stylish reading corners. Because nothing says a well-established home better than a small area with a stack of tastefully arranged books and a comfortable seater to beaver away at reading.

We aren’t suggesting high maintenance libraries but just a creative area that has two things in common – isolated yet ample space and great design. Moving beyond archetypical bookshelves, here are four inspired design ideas from homes previously featured in ELLE DECOR India to get your started.

1. Incorporate a perfect prism of colour with rainbow hued books
Ensconced in a bylane in the heart of New Delhi, this classic, stylised apartment is the ideal refuge for the musings of author Aatish Taseer. Arranged in the perfect prism of colour is Aatish’s library-study; his choice of location to write during winters. The star inclusion is the Anglo-Indian desk that is “higgledy-piggledy” with tomes and papers, while the bookcases designed by his uncle Oliver Musker create an imposing backdrop. We love the muted, earth tones that dictate the space, offering a comfortable, lived-in quality – a great idea to replicate in any home.

2. Juxtapose different textures and shades
Teaming a medley of opposites, the Shades of India duo, Mandeep Nagi and David Housego, play with a profusion of ideas in their penthouse. Popping colours and neutrals run in the home. The highlight of course is their eclectic study, which presents an open shelving cabinet filled with books collected by David. The furnishings and long cushion are from Shades of India, while the floor has a bird motif carpet from Khotan near Samarkhand. This is an ideal option for bookworms who like to experiment with various colours, patterns and textures.

3. Keep it simple with earthy tones
Architect Pradeep Sachdeva’s 300 year old Kerala weekend homestead manor transcends memories and boundaries with dark timber interiors and aged but enduring furniture. On the first floor outside one of the bedrooms, the verandah makes an enviously warm coffee sipping and reading corner. While the table and chairs are Pradeep’s own treasured possessions, the lamp with an onyx base was a present from a friend who got it from Pakistan. Eco-friendly and down-to-earth, this reading corner quintessentially defines cosy.

4. Amalgamate global cultures through various pieces and curios
Located in Malcha Marg, the uber posh, diplomat and interior designer Javier Barca and his Spanish partner’s bungalow is rooted in global ethnicities; making their space a museum of memorabilia. The barsati is converted into a study library and an alfresco dining space. Monochromatic tones along with modest shades like grey and beige dominate the den-like area, where a vintage armchair, carpet, acrylic chairs and 50s bronze and black metal lamp have travelled with the couple from their previous address in Argentina. The console is an industrial mix of nickel and glass from Flamant, while the bookshelves are made of glass. Draw inspiration from this study to showcase your travel knick-knacks in tasteful way!

You can also add: Ming’s Heart chair by Poltrona Frau