Choosing a lively bold colour for a kitchen backsplash can make for an instant and refreshing sight.
Photography by Bharath Ramamrutham, Styling by Mrudul Pathak Kundu

You can also add: The Juno Light from Ikka Dukka

Due Dropped: Easy kitchen upgrades for rented spaces

by Aditi Gaitonde Oct 08, 2015

The kitchen is always a puzzle for renters. You can’t make major structural changes and are often left to work with what you’ve got. Employ ideas that won’t break the bank or push any wrong buttons with the landlord. 

For ideas, look to what interior designer by Isla Maria Van Damme has done with this cookroom at Mandira and Sumeet Nath’s Zoloft in Goa.

Show the backsplash some TLC. For a cheery kitchen, choose a bright primary colour and go all out with a broader section. Throw some light around with industrial lamps strategically installed over high task areas. 

For more fresh hues, decorate with flowers in a ceramic vase and storage containers in earthy or pastel shades. Or you can stick to the classic clear mason jars and lets the ground masalas infuse the right amount of colour tp your open cabinet. 

Get the look
Wall tiles from Bharat Flooring and Tiles
Hanging lights from Taherally

You can also add: The Juno Light from Ikka Dukka