The custom furniture and ceiling of the sitting area is made of teakwood and was created on site. The lighting is sourced from Maroo lights in Mumbai
Photographs courtesy Ravi Kanade

The earthen grey floor tiles were sourced from a store in Mumbai, while the custom furniture is finished in teak veneer and the fabricated artwork on the grill crafted in aluminium

The large window next to the staircase looks out towards the valley and the tiles on the staircase are sourced from a store in Mumbai. The living area reveals chairs and tables crafted in teakwood with specially customised ceiling lights

The cosy bedroom houses furniture made of teakwood and illuminators sourced from Maroo Lights in Mumbai

The beautiful vacation home provides panaromic views of the lush green hills ofPanchgani. Photographs courtesy Ravi Kanade

This Panchgani home is one from your daydreams

by Aditi Sharma Maheshwari Sep 19, 2016
We’ve all drawn this picture – a pretty home sitting atop a conical mountain, overlooking a valley…guess what? We found one that looks just like that painting. Warm, relaxing and positive, these words resonate with this quaint home in Panchgani, a popular hill station in Maharashtra. Designed by Hitesh Shahanand, Principal Designer, HS Desiigns, the property reflects a traditional charm. Its white and sand coloured elements create an environment of calm, lulling its owners into peaceful and quite seclusion.

Starting point
The brief was simple and crisp – a villa that exudes a sense of minimalism mixed with modern elements, with an ethnic touch. Therefore an edgy design was experimented with a distinctively 21st century setting. “As the place has been built right on the edge of the valley and has one of the best views of historical monuments and nature with amazing light exposure, we characterised it with refined lines,” avers Hitesh.

Design tales
The wooden table and chairs are complemented with black leatherite upholstery used in the longue seats and sofa. “As soon as you enter, the classic staircase instantly catches your eyes and the chic style windows stand out in the entire home,” shares Hitesh. Also keeping in mind the weather conditions in Panchgani and most of the hill stations in Maharashtra, they opted for a red brick structure. An earthen colour palette with hint of bold hues can be seen throughout the space.

Unique elements
The dining features luxurious interpretation of traditional design elements and overlooks the beautiful, vast valley. The furniture all over the home is finished in polished wood, most of it custom made on site. The printed floor tiles and decor accessories and chandeliers are in vibrant colours, sourced from Mumbai stores. Smart yet comfortable the bedrooms lay grounds for a relaxed living here.

A cosy getaway situated somewhere in the clouds…for this retreat only two words come to mind – paradise found!

The beautiful vacation home provides panaromic views of the lush green hills ofPanchgani. Photographs courtesy Ravi Kanade