The Ground Floor Living Room

Double Height

First floor living room

Dining area

Second floor skylight

The master bedroom

The second floor bar area

The ground floor living room

The bathroom

This multi-level bespoke villa in New Delhi, moulded by Space Architects @ka sets the pace for new age living

by Sakshi Rai May 14, 2020 Home to three generations, this stepped triple storey, outward looking residence in the capital appears to be at first glance a stacked spectacle, bathed in patterns of natural light and shadow. Located in the bustling Model Town area, and swamped by buildings on three sides, the abode offers an escape from the hustle outside with expansive interiors, stretched across 3,000 sq ft. Crafted by New Delhi based architectural practice Space Architects @ka, over two years, the villa provides a new take on living in a joint family, designed to be wholesome and the hub for many get-togethers and celebrations while still keeping room for privacy.

The most prominent south facing façade comprises exposed wooden battens aligned in various configurations as screens that play dual roles in protection as well as ventilation of the house. The main entrance opens out into a grand lobby with a stunning bar and an open, outdoor pool. A cantilevered staircase, continuing all the way till the top and built underneath a skylight, ushers one to the central living spaces on the ground floor. Curated as an integrated platform for a numerous variety of activities, this level first leads into a lobby space and family area, before unfolding into a striking double heighted drawing room, dining area, kitchen and master bedroom. As one ascends upstairs, private spaces give way to more public and interactive ones.

The same superimposed metal staircase with a contrasting combination of wood and brass presents the first floor with a similar layout as the one downstairs. A family lounge and connected drawing room dominate the central space while both the children’s room with attached washrooms and a pantry occupy the rear. The most attractive feature of the second floor is the fluid extension of a lounge area onto a verdant terrace, which makes it a refreshing setting to unwind at. A spiral staircase connects this space to a large one on the rooftop, also consisting of a gym and plenty green carpeted surfaces. While the walls adorn neutral, monochromatic hues, the vibrant artwork and furniture add an elegant dash of colour. Classic marble floors paired with regal oak wood, brass and recurring, soothing shades of blue and grey lend a timeless charm to the residence.

Photo credits: Mr. Bharat Aggarwal

The bathroom