The “classic meets contemporary” living room is accessorised with blown glass vases, brass tables and fabrics in warm tones
Photography by Deepak Aggarwal; Produced by Sonia Dutt

A study is carved into the master bedroom, with K2 India furniture and a functional wall shelf

A 100-year old Pichwai painting is juxtaposed against an eclectic light installation by Bocci from Lightbox

The peacock blue bath features edgy mirrors, a dresser from K2 India and a sketch from artist Sunil Das

Another bookshelf serves as a screen to separate the study from the main boudoir

This 5,000 sq ft condo in Gurugram was transformed into a traveller’s dream home

by Kohelika Kohli Feb 13, 2018 This apartment is in The Magnolias, a multi-storeyed luxury complex overlooking the verdant DLF Golf Course in Gurugram. Since it is situated on the 17th floor, it was important for me to conceive and build an uninterrupted relationship between the spaces inside, expansive balcony, changing skyline and vast vistas. The idea before starting any project is to always understand the client’s brief, and how they live and function. In this case, the owners Ila and Pavan Vaish, who have two sons, wanted their home to have open, fluid spaces without many physical and visual barriers.This enabled them to view large areas of the interiors, from different rooms.

The 5,000 sq ft condo has three bedrooms including a double bayed master boudoir and suite with its own study, a spacious central lobby, and family-cum-television lounge – a reflection of the clients’ interests as well as timeless styles of furniture. Primarily from our own companies, Sunita Kohli and Co and Kohelika Kohli Designs of K2 India, known for fine quality and production since 1971, the classic contemporary, mid-century and art deco pieces have been juxtaposed with Indian artefacts and art. Dotting the home are beautiful objects that the couple has collected during their travels or have had specially commissioned. Some chairs were imported, such as the ones from Cassina and Herman Miller, while accessories were picked up from all over the world. We also sourced lights from different countries through Lightbox and Suryaveer Kohli Home.

The clients are well-travelled, yet rooted in Indian culture. Their sensibilities are sophisticated and simple at the same time, and I am so pleased that their home reflects these intangible qualities. For instance, the focal artwork is a 100 year old Pichwai over the main sofa and is central to the large living and dining spaces. My favourite space, however, is the family room that converts into a full fledged projection space. Aditya Gupta from Soundsmiths did a brilliant job of planning the sound system throughout the apartment and the balconies.

The only “theme” that resonates throughout is that the spaces feel like a home, with a timeless quality to the design. It’s a culmination of innovative ideas, stylish furniture, intriguing objects and finishes. And most importantly, it looks effortless and is imbued with an inherent peacefulness.

Another bookshelf serves as a screen to separate the study from the main boudoir