Terrace is also built as an entertainment zone in the home

Mosaic tiles and vibrant bar stools deck up the portico

The library is filled with Franklin and Sharmila's personal collection curated over the years

Old doors and windows are restored in the mini theatre

Second terrace in the home with a view to the semi-dense expanse of the city

Vibrant upholstery fabrics brings life to the earthy and muted space

Left: Barbecue station and an oven is placed in the bar area; Right: Teak wooden doors are restored and refurbished to match the design theme of the home

Vibrant bar station in the terrace. Photograph Courtesy Arun Balan/ Balan and Nambisan Architects

This 12,000 sq ft Bengaluru home exudes an old-world charm

by Nitija Shastri Sep 26, 2018 Architect Arjun Nambisan, of Balan and Nambisan Architects creates an address where antique finds and contemporary notes blend effortlessly in this sprawling 12, 000 sq ft Bengaluru home.
Bathed in natural light, the spacious villa opens up to the lush green – blurring the lines between inside and the outside.

Home to antique dealers Franklin and Sharmila Anton, the duo synonymously deal with collectibles from culturally rich states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. That experience came in handy when the couple decided to create their abode. The result is a modern-meets-contemporary space with an underlying layer of timeworn sanctuary — an intentional approach.
“When it comes to adding antiques into the mix, it takes some skill.” says Arun Balan, of Balan and Nambisan Architects “It’s all about striking the perfect balance between creating a design that feels collected yet retains the sanctity of the old space.”

Walk through the foyer into the living area and you will be mesmerized by a certain old-world charm that exudes from the traditional abode. One-of-a-kind furniture pieces, antique wooden doors, reused old roofs and traditional motifs have been carefully restored – this has been done, so as to maintain the colour and warmth of the house.

Ariun says, “A house as exposed as this to the concrete jungle outside had to stay minimalistic yet vibrant on the interiors.” Walking us through the space, he points out to the Jaisalmer stone flooring which compliments the teak furniture for an organic and earthy feel. A touch of modernity comes into play with the triangular bar concrete lights…an interesting element.

As we follow the old wood tiling, which will take you the grand center stage of this home – the terrace, you discover a colourful design paradise - diwan swings, vibrant loungers, peacock-hued mosaic tiles, barbecue station and a modest oven. “Typically the living room takes center stage but we blended the social homebody’s persona into the space,” explains Arun “since Franklin and Sharmila love hosting elegant luncheons and parties, the terrace has transformed into an entertainment space.”
Like a slow poetry, the space unravels its stories. A vast library created to simply lose yourself in the world of words, a mini-theatre to spend your weekend nights and more.

Creating an oasis in the urban jungle, Arun says, “An eclectic mix of elements and textures create a space which is a reflection of the owners. And this sprawling home rests on the stories curated over the years.”

Vibrant bar station in the terrace. Photograph Courtesy Arun Balan/ Balan and Nambisan Architects