Most pieces in the living room have been designed and curated by Anjali Mody's studio, Josmo, including the artistic coffee table from the Bunai collection, two Barrister lounge chairs and the carpets
Photography by Fabien Charuau

Left: The unique dining set from Josmo is decorated with elliptical placemats from Bali, a metal Trojan horse designed by Arjun Rathi and floral clusters; Right: A plethora of textures created by Pixel side tables and Chitpur jute carpets from Josmo intermingle with patterned bed linen from The Loomshed

Left: In the guest bedroom, the bold striped curtains made of fabric from A to Z and a handcrafted armchair placed on a woven rug from India Cane House; Right: In the guest bath: A circular window and leaf green walls take inspiration from the art deco era which is further elevated with the nautical box from The Loomshed

Anjali Mody seated on a tan chair from Josmo’s 2018 collection

Inside the enchanting Mumbai apartment that’s designer Anjali Mody’s first marital home

by Anjali Mody Feb 21, 2018
This little nook in Breach Candy is our first marital abode. My husband, Akshay and I, had only a few months to make this house a home before we tied the knot last year. I wanted the apartment to reflect our combined personalities; a mix of my eccentricities and his nesting instincts.

Overall Scheme
Our 2,200 sq ft house is a myriad of layers, each one disconnected, yet stacked upon the other. The careful details are visible only to a curious eye, and reveal themselves to you unexpectedly, over time. This is a direct representation of my personal aesthetic, which at first glance seems simple and understated, but when viewed carefully, exposes a distinct, unique approach.

Earthen Landscape
One of our many shared passions is the wilderness, which is also the main inspiration for the interiors of our home. Our house emulates nature, bringing the outdoors in with neutral and natural tones – organic textures, earthy hues and a potpourri of plants. Each room has its own tale to tell, and yet they all speak the same language.

Attention to detail
Each corner invited experimentation. Every cranny contains a little souvenir from our travels, reminding us of our many adventures together. My biggest treasure chests for curios are Rajasthan and Bali. My husband and I both have an inexplicable love for random objects, which inevitably end up adorning our home. Large, overgrown apples, nippled vases, a cast-iron Trojan horse – anything goes…the more absurd, the more intriguing. I left every crack in the floor, every weathered tile untouched, paying homage to the past on which we could build our future.

Anjali Mody seated on a tan chair from Josmo’s 2018 collection