Architectural firm 42mm crafts a tasteful non-conformist style pool house in Delhi

by Nitija Shastri Sep 18, 2019 Set amidst the bustling cityscape of the country’s capital, lies a picture-perfect pool house. Sprawling across a gorgeous 4500 sq ft property, the bold robust frame of the contemporary structure almost seems like it is tucked into the lush green landscape, like a lone pebble in the grass. Yet once inside the boundary gates, one can experience the congruence of a 20-year-old structure standing parallel to a dynamic stand-alone Pool House, built in the same material palette—concrete, wood, metal, leather. Devoid of any unnecessary ornamentation, the pool house exhibits a non conformist style—of a defined colour palette in concrete grey, American oak wood and white. Developed from a sturdy concrete shell, glass on either side of the elevation makes it visually balanced and transparent. The project is conceptualized as “a pebble in the grass,” according to Rudraksh Charan, principal architect of local architecture firm, 42mm Architecture. The structure is much the same as a characteristic ring with no columns or beams. “The individual elements are not selected as a mix match rather independently picked to suit the ethos of the space; so that nothing feels out of place or monotonous,” he adds.

In order to align with the architectural vocabulary the interior design had to be
singular as well. The wooden paneling forms a floating media unit completely concealing all the devices and screen; this however is reciprocated with a curved panel on the other side defining the seating space with the island bar.

The interiors a bare with just a single block cladded in wood internally and externally housing a toilet and a pantry. The toilet is finished in terrazzo cast in-situ, the concrete used is a designed mix without any artificial pigments and enhancers we wanted the concrete to breathe and weather naturally.

The stand alone bar is made up of open grained wood finished with Grey Terrazo Tiles and white Kalinga Stones.