Photograph by George Clarke's Amazing Spaces Netflix

Photograph by Queer Eye courtesy Netflix;Photograph by Amazing Interiors courtesy Netflix

Photograph by The World's Most Extraordinary Homes courtesy Netflix; Photograph by Grand Designs courtesy Netflix

Photograph by Abstract courtesy Netflix

Photograph by The Great Interior Design Challenge courtesy Netflix

7 binge-worthy series for hardcore design fans

by Aneesha Bhadri Dec 03, 2018 The World's Most Extraordinary Homes (2018)
This Netflix miniseries follows award-winning architect Piers Taylor and actress Caroline Quentin as they explore a wide range of stunning homes, many in extreme locations around the world. Each episode features a specific environment, whether it is forests or mountains. They stay overnight in the houses and examine them as works of architecture and as homes.

Abstract: The Art of Design (2017)
Delve into the minds of designers from different disciplines and get an in-depth understanding of design and how it influences and interacts with our daily lives. Christoph Niemann, Tinker Hatfield and Es Devlin feature in this dynamic show.

Great Interior Design Challenge (2016)
In this reality TV show, amateur interior designers challenge themselves by transforming spaces on a limited budget.
Starring Tom Dyckhoff, Daniel Hopwood and Sophie Robinson, each episode has contestants working on a design challenge to do a room makeover or upscale an old item.

Queer Eye (2018)
Created by David Collins, Queer Eye's "Fab Five" help people enhance their lives and homes with makeovers, hot tips and heartfelt talks.

George Clarke's Amazing Spaces (2012– )
It is a British television series, first aired on Channel 4, which follows people who turn unconventional things into places to live. George Clarke explores the exciting world of small structures, where people optimise spaces and create something extraordinary.

Grand Designs (2016)
Host Kevin McCloud meets people who build their own homes and follows every step of their journey.

Amazing Interiors (2018)
This is an unusual show which showcases seemingly ordinary spaces that have unique interiors or unconventional spaces, from a backyard roller coaster to an indoor aquarium.

Photograph by Abstract courtesy Netflix

Photograph by The Great Interior Design Challenge courtesy Netflix