The space is filled with natural light from the balcony

Prints of Penguin classics bring in sudden bursts of colour to the white room

Pretty post-its and cartoon doodles add a creative touch to the structured white desks
Photographs by Tanuj Ahuja

Pick up a novel or browse through coffee table books on your break

You’ll wish your office looked half as cool as Ikka Dukka’s minimal studio

by Reecha Kulkarni Aug 04, 2017 Mondays wouldn’t be the absolute worst if you worked at Ikka Dukka’s 1000 sq ft workspace. Visualize your morning coffee in a spotless white studio, crafted by founders Nilisha Kohli and Enda Noone, overlooking the cold rainy streets of New Delhi. 

You could take a seat at white washed wooden desks that form work stations, or peruse through the classics on a comfy couch. A tall bleached table sits in the centre, with the brand’s own suspended illuminators to match. The clean white is interrupted with vibrant statement rugs, colourful covers of Penguin books painted on walls, and tableware in muted tones. 

You’d also find scribbles and mood boards personalizing every nook, but we’d grab a chair by the breezy balcony, bringing in ample natural light. The designers also revamped their doors by replacing the wood with transparent glass, and Kohli says that music is played throughout the day. “We wanted to create a space that was relaxing and made work enjoyable for us as well as our team,” said Noone, when asked about the ambience. What midweek blues?


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Pick up a novel or browse through coffee table books on your break