A functional but stylish desk, chair and light is all you need to ensure a clutter free studio.
Photography by Bajirao Pawar, Styling by Shivani Ajmera

You can also add: Purple “Still Chair” from Alex Daisy

Basic Instincts: Keep it simple with the bare minimum

by Tasneem Merchant Dec 03, 2015

If you don’t have the time or luxury to design or set up your home office, fret not! The less clutter there is, the more productive you will be anyway. 

Identify the core pieces: A desk, chairs, lamp and some storage. Take inspiration from Tejal Mathur’s functional area that is simple in styling yet efficient in purpose. Floor to ceiling windows allow abundant light in, while also providing a grand view of the outdoors. The antique looking chest of drawers is perfect for storage while the floor lamps give an industrial feel.

If you want to simplify things a little more, skip the floor lamps and opt for a sleek desk light instead. Folding metal chairs or even director’s chairs could do the trick. On weekends fold these away, push back the table and transform the nook into a fun activities alcove.  

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Table with wooden chrome yellow legs and metal chairs from Ironworks by Tejal Mathur

You can also add: Purple “Still Chair” from Alex Daisy