Add a wallpaper for an instant facelift as suggested by designer Latika Amersey. We suggest you take inspiration from Parmesh Shahani's Mumbai abode.
Photography by Jignesh Jhaveri / Photolink

Play around with the lighting of the room to changes the energies instantly, recommends Anuja Gupta of Apartment 9. Peruse Sanchita Ajjampur's Bengaluru home of what you need to look out for this season.
Photography by Pallon Daruwala

Pepper the room with cushions to match with the festive time says Priyanka Pradeep of PS Design. Sonali Purewal's Kasauli house highlights how you can decorate with seasonal accents.
Photography by Tanuj Ahuja

Anjali hanging diya by Good Earth is a great way to imbibe soft lighting

#EDDiwaliSpecial: Easy makeover tips suggested by 7 designers

by Nupur Ashok Sarvaiya Oct 27, 2016
In our hectic, multi-tasking lives time always seems to be scare. And yet we want our abodes to look spiffy and glamourous to bring in festivities. To help you out this year, we have asked some of the best names in the fraternity to share their favourite last minute decorating tips for Diwali. Follow their practical suggestions to refurbish your living room.

Experiment with lighting  Anuja Gupta, Apartment 9
This Diwali less is more! For a quick makeover, it is always best to shuffle around the existing furniture pieces in the home; this brings a little newness to the area. Given the festive season, playing around the lighting of the room also changes the energies instantly – a good way is to add oeuvres of candles and lamps. Fresh flowers also help freshen a space. Other than the obvious blooms, motia (jasmine) or tube roses are superb options to decorate. Prop heaps of these buds in a big bowl. You can also skip the flowers and use just greens or vegetative leaves to make a unique geranium.

Invest in artworks  Annkur Khosla, Annkur Khosla Design Studio
Diwali is a time to make purchases and bring in the new. Invest in artwork or artists whose work you enjoy. With the least damage to walls you can completely transform and perk up your space. Large artworks can be placed on the floor instead of mounting on the wall. The sheer size of the artwork can change the whole dimension of your space.

Keep it simple – Sonal Sancheti, Opolis Architects
My biggest tip is to keep it to the minimum for Diwali – empty out everything you have not used in the past one year to instantly lighten up the room. Splash of colour in the space with a painting or wallpaper accented with lights and flowers is another classic yet ideal way to revamp for celebrations. Outline with marigolds around the room or make a flower rangoli with tea lights.

Enhance with accents  Priyanka Pradeep, PS Design
Accessories, accessories, accessories! It’s the mantra today to add glamour to any room and they are the perennial conversation-starters. Revamp an old shelf with new and cool accessories. Fabrics are another great way to jazz up an old piece of furniture. If reupholstering is difficult then just throw cushions to match with the festive season. Instant lift up.

Splash of colour  Latika Amersey, Latika Amersey Studio
Paint one wall of your living room in a bright colour; alternately you can add a wallpaper for an instant facelift. To give a contemporary look to traditional diyas, I suggest incorporating a cluster of vibrant paper lanterns or candles on the floor around a rangoli. Enhance this festive setting with a similar lantern set-up on a console close to the newly highlighted wall.

Use flower power – Shruti Jaipuria of MAIA Design
Visit your local flower mandi and get your hands on a plethora of traditional flowers and leaves such as thumpi, champak, genda, mulla, paan, and more. Weave them together, float them, use them as a substitute for rangoli on the floor, or hang them as screens for a stellar festive set-up.

Declutter your space – Elsie Nanji, Redlion
Get rid of the stuff you don’t use and bring out the things that spark joy. Highlight them in areas visible to you in a beautiful fashion, particularly things that have good memories attached.

Anjali hanging diya by Good Earth is a great way to imbibe soft lighting