For a fun makeover of a tiny WC, place a reading rack at a convenient place, storage overhead and plush colourful bathmat.
Photography by Bajirao Pawar, Styling by Shivani Ajmera

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 Woollen Flower bathmat from

Clean Start: Nifty hacks for a budget bathroom

by Tasneem Merchant Oct 09, 2015

Don’t put your money down the drain when remodelling your powder room. Take inspiration from our DIY space and save time and money, while giving your bathroom a trendy facelift. A few tips to get you started….

1. Reading Up: Drive everything up the wall, literally. Steer clear of the floor by mounting the magazine rack on partitions.

2. Stock Home: Go vertical with storage and build a wooden unit over the WC. Be precise with measurements. Don’t forget to leave some head space. 

3. Ground Work: Rectangular bathmats are passe. Instead, choose one in a peculiar shape with an intriguing graphic or print. 

Get this look
Ceramic Palace WC by Laufen from FCML
On stand 
Ceramic photo frame, face towels and scented candle from Fabindia
Arya perfume bottle, Fiji spa basket and Champaka sapphire glass bottle from Good Earth
Glass jar candle from AA Living

You can also add:
 Woollen Flower bathmat from