Left: Photograph by Instagram @trumatter; Right: Photograph by Instagram @krittikasrikanth

Left: Photograph by Instagram @doortodecor26; Right: Photograph by Instagram @aianajsays

Photograph by Instagram @keta011

Be inspired by our winners of the #DesignDecember contest

by Nitija Shastri Jan 10, 2019
From creating cosy cocoons in earthy hues to bringing home the kiss of Nordic Christmas, the #DesignDecember contest saw eye-catching elements and beautiful inspiration corners that were styled by design and decor enthusiasts from all over the country. Here are the top five that won our hearts and our charts!

Rukmini Ray Kadam's redefines what winter means to most of us with a minimalistic colour palette that is built on our favourite trend of the season- Nordic white, but is also thoroughly cheerful.

"Nothing like a hot cup of tea to warm up the wintery weekend," says Keta Shah of Workshop Inc. Her styled mood board with warm rustic elements such as cosy upholstery and hot tea aims to dispel the shrill wintry chill!

Wood, whites, woollens, warmth and winter – supermom and decor enthusiast Krittika Srikanth displays her cosy corner which makes us want to dream of a calming weekend – unwind, reach for a hot cuppa and our favourite read!

Serving you fresh style straight from the kitchen of architect and visual conceptualist Tanushree Jain spins a classic tale of winter wanderlust with a gentle touch of wood white and green details. We love!

Blogger Aiana Jain hits our nostalgia button with curated earthy elements of clay cup, nuts and snuggly woollens that make us want to bask in the warm glory of young, adolescent memories. 

Photograph by Instagram @keta011