A little rope light can go a long way in adding a festive glow to your decorations. Right, Post-Its in layers can create a dense conifer in your home
Photography by Gaurav and Thiru, Styled by Shweta Pathak

Judge the book by the colour of its cover for this Christmas tree

Terrific Trio: 3 fabulous DIY Christmas trees

by Tasneem Merchant Dec 22, 2015

Christmas comes but once a year and that should give you all the more reason to make the most of it! Instead of decorating just one evergreen, we present to you three unique ways in which you can create a memorable Christmas tree using your creativity and craftiness. 

Get the minimalist look – twist the rope light into ever diminishing loops, tape it to a glass window, crown with a star and turn on the power. 

For a quirky touch – cut a mount board, keeping it erect by reinforcing the back with more board and cover it with memos of varying sizes.

Prefer a scholarly celebration? Align books colour wise on a shelf, using fairy lights for some twinkle and a wooden tea-light holder as the base

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Get this look
For a rope light Christmas tree
Rope Light from Bohemia Lights
Papier Mache Santa Nesting Dolls from Mehra Bros
Plastic Star from Local vendor

For a post-It Christmas tree
Post-It Notes from local vendor
Fairy light from local vendor

For a Christmas tree inspired by books
Books from Om Book Shop
Teak wood tea light holder from MoonRiver
Fairy light from Bohemia Lights

Judge the book by the colour of its cover for this Christmas tree