Earthy shades base well with bold hues of cobalt blue in this classy and contemporary bedroom designed by Rooshad Shroff

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Grey and Blue Scale: Keep it calm and just use one hue

by Tasneem Merchant Oct 08, 2015

After a hard day’s work, a king size bed, plush pillows and a cozy duvet form the perfect ingredients for undisturbed slumber.

Take cues from this bedroom envisioned by architect and EDIDA winner Rooshad Shroff for a show apartment in Oberoi Exquisite, Mumbai.  If you don’t like too much colour in your bedroom, try a primarily muted combination –choose a palette of grey, white, black and beige for your walls and main pieces of furniture like the bed and storage. 

To break the monotony, incorporate accessories like lamps, cushions, even photo or painting frames in one colour or in different tints of that colour. Here, some of the pillow covers are blue; so these become the points of focus. Experiment with prints too – try self-patterned covers, side tables or lamps that can bring in texture and versatility. These can induce character, plus the eye doesn’t get lost in a sea of neutrals.

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Bed and 3D Grey leather tiles on headboard by Rooshad Shroff 
All accessories sourced by Rooshad Shroff 

You can also add: Soho Club bed linen from D’Decor