The Bang & Olufsen store at Taj, Santacruz

Left: Niels Moller Nielsen, Managing Director, Expansion Markets, Bang & Olfusen Right: Gaganmeet Singh, CEO, Bang & Olufsen India and Nishant Padhiar

Left: Ashiesh Shah Right: Aurnab Biswas with a guest

Aashti Bhartia and Pramiti Madhavji, Editorial & Content Director, ELLE DECOR India & Ogaan Media

Maithilli Raut with Mrudul Pathak Kundu, National Creative Director, ELLE DECOR India and Sneha Ullal Goel, Interim Editor, ELLE DECOR India

Nishant Karwal, Frederik Asbjorn and Kanwarjit Singh

Srijan Mahajan, Dhaval Mudgal and Nikhil Malick

Peter Hansen with Claus Boje Jensen

Mohita Gandhi, Senior Manager, Brand Solutions, Ogaan Media with Arif Ayyub, Publisher, ELLE & ELLE DECOR India

Ekta Parekh and Apoorva Shroff

Prashant and Anu Chauhan

Sanjeev and Tejal Mathur

Gautam Desai

Gaurav Mohan, Pawan Hora and Ananda Barsaikia

BeoSound 35 and BeoPlay A6 wireless speaker systems

Bang & Olufsen launches its flagship store in Mumbai

by Nishita Fiji Apr 21, 2017
Founded over 90 years ago in Denmark, bespoke audio and television solutions label Bang & Olufsen is best known for its distinctive range of  televisions, music systems and high-performance speakers. They recently launched their first store in Mumbai at Taj, Santacruz. The city’s elite converged at the new outlet to celebrate and be part of the musical evening, organised in association with ELLE DECOR India.

Co-hosted by Gaganmeet Singh, CEO, Bang & Olfusen India and Sneha Ullal Goel, Interim Editor, ELLE DECOR India, the special soiree welcomed guests to test out B&O’s state-of-art products. Designers and architects experienced the impressive visual and sound quality of a plethora of B&O products including BeoSound 35, BeoPlay A9, A6 and M5 wireless sound systems as well as BeoVision 14 and BeoVision Avant TVs. Energising tones by artists Dhaval Mudgal, Srijan Mahajan and Nikhil Malick set an upbeat mood for the evening.

“We saw a huge gap for luxury AV and audio products in the Indian market that we thought Bang & Olfusen could fill,” stated Gaganmeet Singh. “A huge advantage for us is that we have a complete portfolio of products – from smart home automation systems to televisions and speakers. We also have lifestyle products like our Play range that suit the active lifestyle of young Indians. There is huge growth potential for us here.”

Niels Moller Nielsen, Managing Director, Expansion Markets, Bang & Olfusen spoke to us about the fantastic reception B&O has received in the country at its two flagship outlets in New Delhi and Bengaluru. “I’m absolutely not nervous for our store here because I have found that Indian users, especially the youth, love gadgets,” he pointed out.

“Our Play range is mostly targeted towards 15 to 30 year olds. When young people are introduced to B&O, they typically opt for headphones. Later on, they tend to invest in our larger products, like maybe the televisions,” Niels responded when asked about how he thinks the young Indian consumer will receive B&O’s sophisticated offerings. “We see this pattern very often in all parts of the world and we’re sure we’ll see the same here too,” he concludes.

BeoSound 35 and BeoPlay A6 wireless speaker systems