These therapeutic lamps feature crystals from 250 million years ago

by Nupur Ashok Sarvaiya Jan 17, 2017

The beauty of nature meets contemporary design in this series of innovative lamps realised by China based brand Ambion Lighting. Although crafted using Himalayan salt crystals that date back as far as 250 million years ago, British designer Luke Maselkowski has articulated these healing lights as quintessential modern-day products. 

“Every crystal is unique, with every crack and change in colour narrating a different tale of its history,” reveals Luke. Multivalent, multipurpose and eco-friendly as purifiers and therapeutic devices, these illuminators emanate a mesmerising orange red glow to create a serene, peaceful environment. 

The covetables feature LED systems, which when lit up, emit negative ions in the surrounding atmosphere, helping to reduce stress, fatigue and most importantly, the amount of electric smog in the area caused by smartphones, laptops, tablets and WiFi signals.