Embark on the Silk Route with Good Earth’s Story of Gyasar Weave

by Team ELLE DECOR India Dec 19, 2016

Enamoured by the Mughal kinkhwab brocades, Tibetan monks in the mid-1800s commissioned the weavers of Banaras to develop gos-chen ceremonial tapestries that they had been importing from China, where cultivation of silk was invented. These came to be known as gyasar brocades, which are an amalgamation of Chinese Buddhist satin silk style and Mughal Muslim weave craft from the Hindu City of Light. Taking inspiration from this craft, Good Earth has imagined a very special cushion range. This film, released as part of the Pehchaan craft documentary film series, features the Gyasar weave. We are absolutely mesmerised with how the craftsmen adapt traditional methods to realise contemporary fabrics.